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2018 PHX Design Week Conference • Breakout Speaker

2019 PHX Design Week Conference • Breakout Speaker

2021 Portland State University • Guest Lecturer

2022 University of Tennessee, Knoxville • Keynote Speaker - watch here

2023 Northern Arizona University • Guest Lecturer


2018 AIGA Portfolio Reviewer

2019 AIGA Portfolio Reviewer

2020 AIGA Portfolio Reviewer

2021 AIGA Portfolio Reviewer

2023 AIGA Portfolio Reviewer


2022 PHX Zine Fest Organizer

Responsibilities included: graphic design, social media, vendor selection, day-of set up and support

I was also on a podcast where I talked about gender, nature and my love of spotted hyenas! Listen here if that sparks your interest.



My name is Shelby, and my pronouns are they/them. I’m a designer, illustrator and all-around color enthusiast, currently located in sunny Arizona. Across the many fields and varied disciplines I'm experienced in, my work is consistently described as vibrant, colorful and intentional. Research and experimentation is an important part of my process. I also using storytelling and narrative devices to spark connections and interest with my client's audiences. I love contributing to projects that spread joy and have an impact on local communities. Bonus points if there's humor involved.

I am passionate about spreading knowledge and creativity throughout my community and look for any opportunities to engage with young designers and emerging creatives.


In addition to collaborating with brands and organizations, I create independent comics and zines that feature LGBTQ+ characters and themes. Check them out here!

If you would like to inquire about working together or just about anything, feel free to get in touch.


Research-Based Brand Identity Design Illustration Art Direction Digital Marketing Campaign Design Brand Consulting Content Strategy  Sequential Art 

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